Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality

Hooghly, ESTD : 1865


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*** New Diversion Route at Chinsurah town (one way traffic system) --- Click here for details *** 


* Demand Survey for Housing For All (HFA) has started. Enumerators from the Municipality office will be visiting residents for survey work. Every citizen of our municipality area is requested to cooperate with our Surveying staffs * 


Last Update

Tuesday, January 9, 2024


 Vivek Chetana Utsav 2015

 on 12th January, 2015 

(Venue and details)


BN¡j£ 12C S¡e¤u¡l£ 2015 a¡¢l­M ü¡j£ ¢h­বেL¡e¾cl SeÈ¢chp S¡a£u k¤h¢chp Efm­rÉ f¢ÕQjh‰y plL¡­রেl E­দ্যোগে ¢h­hL ­চেae¡ Evph Ae¤¢ùa q­বেz

¢hÙ¹¡¢la LjÑp§Q£ :-

pL¡m 7-30¢j: - fck¡œ¡ (Cj¡jh¡S¡l l¡jL«o· iš² pwO qতে lbam¡ ýNm£ ­জেm¡ nË£l¡jL«o· ­সেh¡ pwO fkÑ¿¹)

বেm¡ 11-00 V¡u - fË­nÀ¡šl (¢hou - ü¡j£S£l S£he J LjÑd¡l¡ où q­তে à¡cn ­শ্রেe£ fkÑ¿¹)

 B­লোQe¡ pi¡ - ü¡j£S£ fËp­‰y

ÙÛ¡e - AdÉ¡: ­জ্যো¢ao Q¾cÊ ¢hcÉ¡f£W (h¡mL)